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International to Domestic Transfer in NAIA

Transferring to other Terminals

Airside bus transfers are now available in NAIA for passengers with onward flights to other terminals.

This service is provided in all terminals either by the airport or by the individual airlines. It is free of charge and can only be availed if you have a flight booking or a boarding pass on your onward flight.

Inter-terminal Transfer Procedure

Images for inter-terminal transfer procedure can also be found below.

  1. If you are coming from an international flight, clear immigration first. You have to do this even if you are only transiting through Manila.

  2. Claim your luggage from the baggage carousel.*

  3. If you are coming from an international flight, clear Philippine customs.*

  4. Proceed to the Airside Shuttle Bus waiting lounge in your terminal. Ask any ground staff for assistance in locating the airside shuttle bus lounge.

Location of Airside Shuttle Bus Waiting Lounge

At the arrivals hall, just follow signs that say Transfers or Terminal Transfer. Here is a sample signage from NAIA Terminal 3.

Terminal 1: After customs, the waiting lounge should be on your right.

Terminal 2: After exiting arrivals area, go to the center atrium (if coming from international flight, turn left; if coming from domestic flights, turn right). The airside bus waiting lounge should be prominently marked.

Terminal 3: After exiting arrivals area, turn left until you reach the end of the hall then turn left. From there, you can see the

Terminal 4: Inside the arrivals area.

For international to domestic connections, passengers who are not required to undergo the required facility-based quarantine are allowed to connect to their domestic onward destination.

Passengers will still need to be cleared upon arrival by BOQ.

Passengers must ensure to have complete health & documentary requirements for their onward domestic and international destinations.

International transit passengers shall undergo health and requirements check conducted by the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) upon disembarkation.

Transit passengers are required to register and accomplish the One Health Pass prior to arrival in Manila.

For the complete details of Arrival Protocols in the Philippines, go to

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