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Traveling to The Philippines with your pet


Apply on-line for SPS Import Clearance for Dogs and Cats

Visit and register.

Click the Register box with Intercommerce website.

Fill-up the entire data field. Don’t forget your registered username and password.

An E-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address once you’re done with your registration.

Click or copy the link on your email and paste into your web browser or you may log in again using your registered username and password.

  1. Select Create/Open SPS Import Clearance for One Time Importer then submit

  2. Kindly select your company name (registered name), then next

  3. Select which agency you will apply your import clearance

  4. Click Create a New Application, then next

  5. Press the continue button, in the General Page, fill-up all the required information and save.

  6. After saving, click Item Page and add your item/s

  7. Accomplish all the details and save.

  8. Once the status change to created you may now send your application

  9. BAI Officers will check and validate your application before approving your clearance. Once it was approved an email notification will sent to you for the printing of your SPS Import Clearance. SPS Import Clearance is valid only for 2 months.

OPTION 2: Send a letter request via email

Send a letter request to or with the following information:

a. species & breed of animal

b. sex, age and number of animals

c. expected date of arrival

d. country of origin

e. address, phone, email address & contact details of importer

Importers will also need to secure an International Veterinary Health Certificate from the proper veterinary authority (government veterinary services) of the country of origin stating that the animals have been carefully examined and found to be free from and have not been exposed to dangerous communicable animal diseases. 

The vaccination certificate and the SPS Clearance from BAI will be presented upon arrival at the Philippine airport. Payments will be made upon arrival at the airport.

For more information, please visit

Or contact the National Veterinary Quarantine Service at the following contact details:

National Veterinary Quarantine Service

Bureau of Animal Industry

Visayas Ave., Diliman, Quezon City 1128, Philippines

Tel: +632 920 0816 / 925 4343

Fax: +632 920 0815

Email: or

Traveling to PH with your pet: Welcome

Pet Airfare

After checking all requirements with the Bureau of Animal Industry, we would need the following information: 

- Pet breed

- Pet age

- Pet weight

- Pet + container weight

- Container dimensions

This information will be sent to the airline for approval and confirmation of exact price. Each airline has a different policy. 

Traveling to PH with your pet: Text
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