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Boracay Island, one of the top beaches in the Philippines and one of the best Visayas tourist spots, is blessed with a long stretch of powdery white sand beach (called White Beach), crystal clear and azure waters, and a stunning sunset. The island doesn’t fall short on adventures and activities for people of all ages.

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Bohol offers independent travellers a wealth of options both on and off the beaten track. This island province is promoted almost exclusively through images of cute bug-eyed tarsiers and the majestic Chocolate Hills, but there's much more to experience. Offshore there's superb diving, and when you throw in jungle-fringed rivers perfect for kayaking and paddle-boarding and pristine white-sand beaches it's easy to understand the Bohol appeal.

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Beyond its historical sites, luxury resorts, and vibrant nightlife, this urban destination also offers eco-adventures. Within the forests of interior Cebu, waterfalls and rare birds await those adventurous enough to seek them out. While along this 200 kilometer long island, coral reefs virtually surround its entire perimeter. It's not uncommon for one to see locals, entrepreneurial as they are- tending to several businesses during the week, and going boating and scuba diving on weekends.

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Coron is one of Palawan’s most popular beach and island destinations. This paradise-like getaway comprises of the eastern half of Busuanga Island, Coron Island, and 50 other islets within the vicinity, all of which are separate from the main Palawan island. It has caught the attention of many due to its World War II wreck diving spots, beautiful rock formations, and unbelievably clear waters. It is also considered the more quiet and laidback sibling of El Nido, another famous Palawan destination because of its gorgeous waters and scenery. Coron certainly has a unique charm to it and worth adding to your travel bucket list when in the Philippines.

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El Nido, the gateway to the awe-inspiring Bacuit Archipelago which houses 45 islands and islets, each with its unique geological formations. It’s no wonder that El Nido has been ranked consistently as one of the best island destinations not just in the Philippines, but in the world.

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Puerto Princesa in Palawan is most famous for the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park or the Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and holds a place in the New7Wonders of Nature.
It is also the gateway to famous paradise-like destinations in Palawan like El Nido and San Vicente because it has its own international airport. But there's more to Puerto Princesa than being just a jump-off site and location to the famous natural wonder.

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